CVE-2017-7726 - Missing SSL Certificate Validation in iSmartAlarm

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[+] Credits: Ilia Shnaidman
[+] @0x496c on Twitter
[+] Source:
iSmartAlarm, inc.
iSmartAlarm cube - All versions
iSmartAlarm is one of the leading IoT manufactures in the domain of smart alarm systems.
It provides a fully integrated alarm system with siren, smart cameras and locks.
It functions like any alarm system, but with the benefits of a connected device: alerts pop up on your phone,
offering you full remote control via mobile app wherever you are.
Vulnerability Type:
Missing SSL Certificate Validation
CVE Reference:
Security Issue:
iSmartAlarm’s cube communicates with iSmartAlarm’s backend using SSL encryption on port tcp/8443.
But the cube does not validate server certificate.
Attack Vectors:
An attacker can get any password/personal data by setting man
in the middle sniffer attack with a fake certificate on port 8443.
Network Access:
Disclosure Timeline:
Jan  30, 2017: Initial contact to vendor
Feb  1,  2017: Vendor replied, requesting details
Feb  2,  2017: Disclosure to vendor
Apr  12, 2017: After vendor didn't replied, I've approached CERT
Apr  13, 2017: Confirmed receipt by CERT and assigning CVEs
July 05, 2017: Public disclosure
Ilia Shnaidman

Ilia Shnaidman

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