CVE-2018-7580 - Philips Hue Denial of Service

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[+] Credits: Ilia Shnaidman
[+] @0x496c on Twitter

Philips Lighting Holding B.V

Philips Hue Hub - all

Vulnerability Type:
Denial of Service

Security Issue:
Philips Hue is vulnerable to Denial of Service attack.
Sending a SYN flood on port tcp/80 will freeze Philips Hue's hub and it will stop responding.
The "hub" will stop operating and be frozen until the flood will stop.
During the flood, the user won't be able to turn on/off the lights, and all of the hub's functionality will be unresponsive. The cloud service will also won't work with the hub.

Attack Vectors:
Sending a Syn flood on port 80 inside the LAN will disable hub's functionality.
hping3 --flood -S -p 80 <Philips Hue's hub ip>

Network Access:


Disclosure Timeline:
Nov  21, 2017: Initial contact to vendor
Ilia Shnaidman

Ilia Shnaidman

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